Are you a visitor in Bangalore? Do you feel lonely and would like to have a companion for your trip in Bangalore or just to keep you company in that lonely night? Or are you a resident of Bangalore and you are feeling so empty and lonely and you need someone to revive you once again? An independent escort is the best way to go. Independent escorts in Bangalore are readily available and they make a perfect match for anyone in need of a companion. Be it a short-term or a long-term companion, this girls will just be perfectly fit for you any time of day. There are two different types of Independent escorts in Bangalore. There are those who work under an umbrella of a certain agency while there are those who work as independent entities totally. The services offered by these two types of escorts are all the same but there are some differences. Below are a few differences of the two independent escorts.

Independent escorts in Bangalore

The security of the independent escort

There have been many cases where an independent escort was robbed or killed by their date. This mostly happens because, when this escort is attending that date with their new client, no one is aware of it. This makes them vulnerable. Due to this reason, a few independent escorts have entered into an agreement with bangalore escort agencies where they pay a certain amount annually to be under their umbrella. The escort agencies provide services like screening the client on behalf of the escort therefore ensuring that she is safe.

Trust from clients

Just as much as escorts are vulnerable to new unknown clients, the same has also been the case to clients. There are fraudsters who pose as independent escorts. Some are men who use a woman’s photo and details for their profile but ends up being robbers who either loot their clients or worse still kill them. It is therefore very hard for a new client to trust an independent escort. However, when an escort services in Bangalore is working under the umbrella of a certain agency, this agency assumes responsibility of all the escorts’ activities. This assures the client of their security.

Number of clients served in a day

Since the client and the escort both feel safe under the umbrella of an agency, an escort working under an agency seems to have more clients in a day compared to one working as an individual.